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Many classes are now 'hybrid' - online with Zoom and at the same time some people in the home studio with me. There is an in-person only class at the Friends Meeting House, Hartington Grove, Cambridge. If you sign up to my email list - - you will get full details of all classes including stick person lesson plans every week which you can print and work with by yourself. I'll be teaching those lessons that week, pricing is explained below.  

There's also the YouTube channel and the blog, which is on this website. 

All classes involve sitting, standing, lying; twisting, balancing, back- side- and forward-bending; aerobic sequences, meditation, relaxation. Joining with Zoom you don't need any special yoga equipment, we can manage with what you've got. 


All classes have students new to yoga and students who have been coming for many years. All of us have challenges, and we support and encourage each other in finding variations to make it all useful for each of us. Students have told me that the classes help them with strength, flexibility, toning and relaxation and that they walk, run, sleep and garden more easily. Joints ease and muscles relax. The classes are welcoming, light-hearted, life-affirming, and make us feel better in so many ways.



Join the email list to get the Zoom links and weekly lesson plans - all Zoom classes  are open 10 minutes before start time to allow hitches to be sorted and a little catch up. 


MONEY We use a sliding scale for all the classes so you can choose the price ranges that suit you best. Even if you feel you are unable to pay at the moment please still come to the classes. If you pay for a term, you can move between classes for convenience, interest and fun or to ‘use up’ your credit for the term, even if the classes are different lengths. Classes you’ve paid for can also be ‘gifted’ to friends or relatives if you can’t get to all of them. You can drop in – a suggested £14 for the 1 ½ hour classes and £13 for the 1¼ hour. But honestly, whatever is ok for you at the moment. There is no difference in what’s offered, no matter how much or little you pay.


Basic Payment – A reduced-price suggestion for anyone who is struggling financially.

Middle Amount – The mid-point.

Supporter – If you are financially able to pay more and it feels right for you, you can support us and also support people paying less at the moment.


Gentle Yoga for People Living with Cancer - Wednesdays 3-4pm - this class is provided free in association with Maggie's Cancer Care, Cambridge. Please contact me or Maggie's - 01223 249220 - to join us. Carers are also welcome, and of course as it's on Zoom, you don't have to be near Cambridge to come. 

Recommendations from students: 'I’ve found the class so useful. Your gentle yoga puts me back in touch with my body and enables me to enjoy it again. This is my second bout of breast cancer and I found the treatments so destructive last time – mentally as well as physically – that I became completely alienated from my body. Yoga would have made such a difference. My treatments have been easier this time, but your classes have had a huge healing effect too. Thank you!' 

'As a previous member of the Maggie’s team I have had the privilege to join in the Yoga class every Monday via Zoom. It is run beautifully, skilfully, gently and compassionately by Sally Lander. We also have fun and relaxation built into the sessions. I highly recommend these classes.' 

'Being in your classes has strengthened and relaxed my whole body and mind.. My feet are more flexible and less painful.' 

Private Classes:


Gentle Yoga - 10 week term - Wednesdays 10.30am-11.45. 

13th September, 27th September, 4th October, 11th October, 18th October, 1st November, 8th November, 22nd November, 29th November, 6th December 2023.

Zoom and in-person (Burwell) – Sliding scale for cost - £65 BP / £95 MA / £115 S.

Drop-in is a suggested £13 for the 1¼ hour class.

General Yoga - 10 week term - Thursdays 10.30am-12. 

14th September, 21st September, 5th October, 12th October, 19th October, 2nd November, 9th November, 23rd November, 30th November, 7th December 2023.

IN PERSON ONLY (Friends Meeting House, Hartington Grove, Cambridge) – Sliding scale for cost - £70 BP / £110 MA / £130 S

Drop-in is a suggested £14 for the 1 ½ hour class.

General Yoga - 10 week term - Thursdays 7.00-8.15pm

14th September, 21st September, 5th October, 12th October, 19th October, 2nd November, 9th November, 23rd November, 30th November, 7th December 2023.

Zoom and in-person (Burwell) – Sliding scale for cost - £65 BP / £95 MA / £115 S

Drop-in is a suggested £13 for the 1¼ hour.

General Yoga - 10 week term - Fridays 10.30am-12. 

15th September, 22nd September, 6th October, 13th October, 20th October, 3rd November, 10th November, 24th   November, 1st December, 8th December 2023.

Zoom and in-person (Burwell) – Sliding scale for cost - £70 BP / £110 MA / £130 S

Drop-in is a suggested £14 for the 1 ½ hour class.


A reminder of our ‘extras’ included at no extra cost

- emails with prop lists and lesson plans before yoga classes – this helps you to get the most out of each class.

- access to email / phone enquiries at any time.

- Sally! I've been teaching yoga since 1999 and I am absolutely passionate about it.

Yoga vouchers - can be made out for any amount, or to cover one of the courses.

When you sign up I'll send you my bank details, I can accept cheques too. 


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General classes
In-person only

Friends Meeting House,

91-93 Hartington Grove, Cambridge, CB1 7UB

Thursday mornings 10.30am-12

The Friends Meeting House is a special space. I attended my first yoga class here; I taught my first yoga class here. And my first mindfulness class. There's a lovely big comfortable room and a welcoming garden too. From time to time we go to the nearby cafe, Balzano's, for a proper catch-up after the class. Masks will be worn when off the mats, there will be a maximum of 10 students and the room has a C02 monitor to help us make sure we have good ventilation levels.


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General classes
Online & In-person (Hybrid)

Silver Birches,

77 North Street,

Burwell CB25 0BB

Tuesdays 7.30-8.45pm

Fridays 10.30am-12

In the yoga room we have shelves full of props, everything you could need! There's a big screen so I can see the Zoom students really well, and a camera so they can see me well. In the room we have a maximum of 6 students, and we have a CO2 monitor to make sure we maintain good levels of ventilation. The hybrid system works very well, with both on screen and in person groups getting attention. We prefer not to use mute, so questions can be asked at any time, though of course mute is useful for those times when a delivery comes or your pets and family are noisy!

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in Burwell
Online & In-person (Hybrid)

Silver Birches,

77 North Street,

Burwell CB25 0BB

Tuesdays, 10.30am-12

This class is for anyone who could not do a general yoga or exercise class at the moment AND anyone who is interested in gentle yoga, meditation and extended relaxation. Many of the exercises are chair or floor based, with some standing. The movements encourage joint mobility and flexibility, improving circulation, body confidence and strength.


Class members have differing needs, for example arthritic changes, chronic fatigue, recovery from illness or operations. Some people enjoy or need a change of approach and pace from other classes.

Recommendations from students:

'You really can’t imagine how much I look forward to my Tuesday Yoga and every week you seem to find something new to teach us.   So thank you so much for all you do, especially during these bizarre times.' 

​'The class is always full of interest and variety.  Sally is able to tailor the class to individual needs both short and long term. There is an informal but supportive atmosphere in the class.  The meditative and relaxation elements are an important adjunct to the gentle work-out that we give our joints.'

Zoom & In-person

Silver Birches,

77 North Street,

Burwell CB25 0BB


Mondays 6-7pm 

YOGA ESSENTIALS! BEGINNERS, RETURNERS, OLD-TIMERS...  Yoga Essentials is perfect for beginners - we'll be experiencing each thing right from the basics, and for a deep dive too - if you've been doing yoga so long you're almost doing the poses on automatic pilot we'll learn new ways of experiencing them. There will just be a few things each week, adding up to all the best bits in the 10 week term. Get in touch if you have any questions. It's delicious.


Day Retreats

Silver Birches,

77 North Street,

Burwell CB25 0BB

Led by Sally Lander, supported by Jeremy Lander - we hope to get back to these soon - do sign on to the email list to get the first news!

Here's some feedback from a previous retreat to give you a little idea of how you might feel:

'Just to say that it was really wonderful in every way.  I found it very revitalising and I thought it was a lovely group of people.  You had thought of everything!  I felt so pampered and looked after.  The food was wonderful and it was so nice to be in your house which felt cosy and calming.  Thank you for planning the day so thoroughly - I really appreciated it and I really hope you do it again.  I felt very tired that evening, went to bed early, slept really well and felt very good all the next day (and even found time to meditate).'

Ellie Thomas

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